All of the “Mash” shippers jumped for joy Thursday night as Bash and Mary shared their first kiss. It doesn’t matter that it happened while Mary was drunk and mad at Francis.

However, before all of you get really happy and start picturing a Bash and Mary wedding, take a breath.

According to Torrance Coombs, who plays Bash, don’t start pairing all the characters up in permanent scenarios.

EOnline recently approached Coombs and asked him if he could end up with Kenna or Lola.

 "I certainly would think that's a possibility,” he told the website. “We're laying the groundwork for anything to happen, but we go off pretty strongly in one direction pretty soon.”

As of right now, the relationships (or in some cases “flings” may be a better word) seem to go like this.

--Kenna and King Henry

--Greer and Leith

--Francis and Olivia

The reason Bash and Mary aren’t on this list is because Bash's interets could lie elsewhere by next week. However, I will admit it does seem as if he may feel something real for Mary.

As of right now, Bash has bigger problems than his love life. At the end of last episode, he was threatened by one of the pagans because he interrupted a sacrifice. Before Bash starts thinking about who he will flirt with next, he might want to think about how he will keep from being hanged upside down from a tree.

According to the preview for next week's episode, he'll being to take steps to save his own life. Will Bash have to sacrifice someone like the boy in his window demanded? You can watch it below

*This story has been updated to note a change.

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