New York Jets running back Chris Ivory is not sure if he will be back in New York in 2016, according NFL reporter Conor Or. Ivory will replace Buffalo Bills running back LeSean McCoy in the Pro Bowl this weekend, and he posted a career-best season with the Jets this year.

Ivory led the Jets rushing attack with 247 carries for 1,070 yards and scored seven touchdowns. The Jets running back hit 1,000 yards for the first time in his six-year NFL career, but he is not sure if he will get another snap in the Jets backfield.

"I'm not sure what's going to happen," Ivory said, via NFL Network. "I would like to stay in New York if we reach an agreement. But I know the cap space they're working with and everything and the other guys they have to get signed or want to get signed back. But if it doesn't work out, I'm just looking forward to continuing my career elsewhere if it happens to go that way."

The Jets have plenty offseason contracts they need to work out, and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick is likely at the top of that list as Jets are looking to make a deal with the quarterback before March 9. The Jets are also looking to resign defensive end Muhammad Wilkerson this offseason as the talented pass rusher continues to recover from a fractured fibula that he suffered in the regular season finale.

Ivory was an impact player for the Jets offense this season, but general manager Mike Maccagnan is going to have to make some tough decisions as to who the Jets can afford to bring back in 2016. "I was able to speak with them," Ivory said. "They want to bring me back but like I said, I think it's about the cap space. That's going to be the biggest factor as to whether I'm back or not."

Ivory finished the 2015 regular season as the fifth best running back in the NFL in terms of yards and is likely due a big contract this offseason. While running backs can be found in the draft and free agency, Ivory has proven that he can lead an NFL backfield based on his play with the Jets the past three seasons.