After a week of desperate search, Noah Chamberlin has been found dead on a clearing near his grandmother's house in Chester County, Tenn. The 2-year-old boy went missing last week while on a hike with his grandmother.

"Just like grandma said, she turned her head for a minute and he was gone. There were trails everywhere," authorities said, according to the Daily Mail. "Everybody we talked to talked about how he ran all the time, jumped over tables, ran, just nonstop. He loved to hide. We had people tell us that even adults would run after him, and they couldn't catch him."

The search for the toddler spanned 1,000 acres of land, but his body was found at the outskirts of the grid that the rescuers covered, according to WBBJ. At this stage, the police has ruled out foul play, citing that the death is an unfortunate accident. It was a tragic conclusion to rescue efforts, which have been optimistic that young Noah was alive until his body was found. There were reported sightings of the boy, including found evidences that lead officials to believe that he was still alive in the woods, the New York Daily News reported.

Noah went missing on Jan. 14 while he was strolling with his grandmother and sister in the woodlands of Pinson, Tenn., a hilly location that is riddled with sinkholes and small bodies of water. His grandmother claimed that he went missing after she stopped to help Noah's sister.