Danger lurks in the kitchen, but accidents can be prevented if you're mindful of what you're doing. Below are some of the most common kitchen-related injuries and accidents that can happen if you don't take extra care each time you prepare a meal:

1) Running water on hot glass surfaces (or pouring hot water on glass). Be it a bowl or the table top, let this cool down for a bit so that the glass won't shatter. Putting a metal spoon in the glass might help conduct the heat so the glass won't break, according to Mini Physics. Cookware made of Pyrex glass are exempted, as these are built for heat.

2) Forgetting to wash your hands after handling pepper. You could burn your eyes. In case this happens, pour milk in your eyes to relieve the pain, according to Life Hacker.

3) Wearing wet or damp oven mitts. Heat will transfer faster in wet cloth, and you could burn your hands worse.

4) Opening the oven's door when it's burning. Leave it closed as the fire will only expand if the door is opened, according to She Knows. Turn the oven off immediately then call 911. 

5) Frying naked. Grease flies out of the pan, especially when the fire is too hot. Wear a shirt, use an apron and cover the pan while frying to prevent splatters.

6) Catching a knife when it falls off your grip. Let it drop on the surface to prevent cutting yourself. Consequently, using dull knives is unsafe, too. You'd be forced to press harder when slicing food and lose control of your grip, as these experts in the video below explain it:

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