Movie-goers have long assumed that all of the films on Quentin Tarantino's resume take place in the same universe. This line of thinking started in the 1990s when "Reservoir Dogs'" Vic Vega and "Pulp Fiction's" Vincent Vega were confirmed to be brothers. Also, "True Romance's" Lee Donowitz is the son of "Inglorious Basterd's" Donnie Donowitz. Add those relationships to the handful of similar product brands running through his movies - Red Apple cigarette, anyone? - and you get a connected cinematic universe.

During an episode of "The Project" Monday night, Tarantino not only confirmed this for fans, but also revealed that there are in fact two universes within his films. Mind = Blown.

"There are actually two separate universes," he explained. "There is the realer than real universe, alright, and all the characters inhabit that one. But then there's this movie universe. So From Dusk Till Dawn, Kill Bill, they all take place in this special movie universe. So when all the characters of Reservoir Dogs or Pulp Fiction, when they go to the movies, Kill Bill is what they go to see. From Dusk Till Dawn is what they see."

Does your head hurt yet? Here, maybe this will help.

In "Pulp Fiction," Uma Thurman's Mia Wallace describes a TV pilot for "Fox Force Five." Her description covers many of the major characters from "Kill Bill," see?

Tarantino also teased fans with the inclusion of a secret family member from the "realer than real" universe somewhere in "The Hateful Eight."

"I don't want to say it point blank 'boom!' But if you're a fan of my work and are familiar with it you could be a bit of a detective," he told Digital Spy. "I will say that there is one character amongst the eight that is related to one of my other characters in one of my other films.

"I can't explain the relation because that would tip my hat a little bit too much," he continued. "The only other clue I can that the actor was originally cast as that character in the other film but they weren't able to do it due to a scheduling conflict."

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