Andreas Sjöström, vice president of digital at Sogeti, a technology consulting company, successfully boarded his plane at the Stockholm Arlanda Airport using only his chip-implanted hand to pass through security, Telegraph reported.

Sjöström had a grain-sized near-field communication (NFC) chip injected into his hand. The chip contained his Scandinavian Airlines EuroBonus member ID, and since the airport has NFC readers all the way from security to the boarding gate, he was able to skip through other processes, like checking in and lining up for a boarding pass, and just breeze through the airport with a swipe of his hand, according to the Daily Mail.

NFC chips are not new technology and the concept of implanting them in the human body has always been an open possibility and a likely path that would be taken in the future. However, as of today, there are still mixed reactions to the idea. Some are concerned about being easily tracked by the government with every purchase and transaction that a person with an implanted microchip would do, while others believe that it is safer and offers a whole new level of convenience, according to Tech Aeris.

Sjöström captured the whole trip on film and you can watch how he made efficient use of his implanted microchip in the video below: