Until a few weeks ago there were probably only two groups of shippers for “Arrow”—“Olicity” and Oliver/Laurel.

With Sara (Caity Lotz) back in Oliver’s life there’s a good chance the hopes for a Sara/Oliver ‘ship have started up. According to EOnline, you may want to hold off on that.

"I think she's changed so much that crushes and things like that are not something she feels like she can even afford to have anymore," Lotz said according to the website. "She doesn't get that kind of liberties, so I don't think that's really in her mind anymore. That's also another thing we kind of learn more about too is the history of her feelings for Oliver.”

Just like it seems there’s no hope for Sara/Oliver shippers, Wednesday’s episode seems to provide little to no hope for Oliver/Laurel shippers. First, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) got the inconvenient assignment of sitting second chair for the prosecution on Moira’s murder case. When a girl is trying to put your mom in prison for life, you probably don’t want to date her. Second, when Oliver (Stephen Amell) accompanied Laurel to her apartment to makes sure she was safe from the League of Assassins, she tried to kiss him and he declined.

Before you “Olicity” shippers think this leaves you in the clear, you should know Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) is going to be occupied with another superhero—The Flash a.k.a. Dr. Barry Allen (Grant Gustin).

“And yeah, we get The Flash to come in, which is really, really fun, and he’s flirty and Felicity and him hit it off really well, and we see that the passion sort of escalates in a really honest way between how Oliver reacts to that,” Rickards recently told EW.com. Hopefully for Olicity fans, Oliver’s reaction is one that produces the much desired Oliver and Felicity relationship.

“Arrow” airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on The CW.

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