LAST WEEK: Benze and Andrea bonded, the clique in the house ganged up on Shanae and Steph finally goaded her into a physical fight, which several of the roommates tried to jump in on.

And it looks like this week, with Shanae gone, the girls have found a new target to pick on: Andrea. And what was her terrible crime? Being drunk and belligerent. Oh, this show...

We open this week to the fight between Steph and Shanae, in which Steph throws the first punch before Gigi jumps in. Andrea tries to help out Shanae because she's being jumped, and Jaz talking-heads that she wanted to join in but security pulled her away, and Benze also expressed regret at not being able to get a hit in.

Like, really guys? Haven't we gone over how lame jumping is EVERY SINGLE SEASON? They're definitely getting called out for this at the reunion.

To Steph's credit, she wanted to fight on her own.

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Naturally, none of them get sent home, because it's totally circumstantial on this show. The producers approach Shanae and, although they won't be sending Steph home, agree she didn't deserved to be jumped and OK her going home.

As Shanae leaves, Gigi antagonizes her verbally from her spot on the couch, because that's Gigi's way. Shanae talking-heads that she'll kick Steph's ass at the reunion. We'll see.

Outside by the hot tub, Benze tells Andrea she shouldn't be running up to protect a girl getting jumped. Well, OK. She takes it personally for some reason, even though she wasn't even there for the fight, as if Andrea somehow attacked the other girls in the house by trying to defend Shanae.

Andrea, who has been against bullying and jumping from the start, maintains her position. Benze predicts that Andrea's "Save a 'Ho" mentality will get her in trouble. In this house where morality makes no sense? Probably.

Jaz calls some guy named DJ Legato, whom she claims is one of the biggest, baddest DJs in the world, and invites him to DJ at their upcoming booze-fueled pool party. It's a totally scripted scene, but I'm excited for the pool party drama, nonetheless.

The next day, the girls go salsa dancing while Andrea stays at home, and it turns out she has a pretty substantial reason. She calls the girls bullies and talking-heads that she's worried she'll become their next target.

While the girls are at their dance class, Andrea enjoys her alone time and talking-heads that she's starting to lose her mind being in the house. Once the other girls get home, Gigi calls her guy crush Zigg and invites him to the pool party. Yes, this episode is just as exciting as it sounds.

Outside by the pool, Andrea is drunk and talking to herself, and Jaz spys on her and laughs, finding the whole thing creepy.

A bunch of people come over for the pool party the next day, and pretty soon everyone's dirty-dancing, swimming and drinking. Andrea feels totally in her element and Gigi gets hot and heavy with Zigg in the pool. The two head upstairs to have sex while Steph and Tiana spy and giggle.

But sadly for Gigi, Zigg can't get it up, and the sex doesn't work out.

Meanwhile, Andrea's having better luck, drunkenly wrestling with one of the guys, and Tiana starts calling her out for being "white girl wasted."

Later, outside by the grill, some of the guys basically call Andrea (and the other girls) a s***, saying they didn't know there was a difference between the Bad Girls Club and the S****ty Girls Club, and she lets them have it before taking a quick cat nap in the confessional, which Jaz and Tiana gleefully intrude p.

Back outside, Andrea starts crazy drunk dancing once more, and one of the guests says, "White girls be like stupid wasted." Anderea takes offense, asking her if she's making fun of her, and when the girl answers in the affirmative, Andrea gets heated. Benze tells her to cool off, everyone's joking, and if she wants to take things too seriously, she can go inside.

Andrea, however, doesn't appreciate being bossed around and decides she's done with people telling her what to do. Her defenses are clearly up, and when that happens in this house, everyone inevitably senses this.

While talking to Steph, Andrea admits that her mother was pretty nasty growing up and the two of them even had a physical brawl. Steph tells her that while she's sorry for what she's been through, she can't make that an excuse for her angry drunken behavior, which is about to get her in more trouble with the roommates.

Inside the house, the girls are being goofy and giggly, and when Tiana starts making "horsey" jokes, Andrea, in her drunk state, thinks it's about her and feels she's being made fun of. It turns out she was, though maybe not in a mean way, because when Gigi asks Andrea what's wrong and she doesn't immediately reply with, "I'm good," Tiana starts yelling at her that she takes things way too personally.

After the guests leave, Benze confronts Andrea and tells her to stop being snappy over the slightest joke. Tiana starts arguing with her, and instead of letting it go, tells Andrea she has personal demons and that she doesn't respect her. If it wasn't that big of a deal, why fight over it?

So the next day, Pleasure P, the rapper that Oxygen can't stop won't stop promoting this season, asks the girls to come for his video shoot. Steph and Gigi are the leads, Steph having replaced Shanae, who the producers loved, if you'll recall.

Andrea dreads going to the video shoot, and sits outside by the water and cries. Gigi shows a softer side and goes up to ask her what's wrong, and Gigi tells her that Tiana was drunk the other night and the fight wasn't that serious. Gigi admits she was disgusted with herself for hooking up with Zigg on-camera, and tells her the show is a growing and learning experience.

Tiana notes that Andrea isn't coming, and even though she won't accept her apology, still finds fault with her for staying home. You just can't win with Tiana, it seems.

The girls get to the set of the shoot, which Gigi calls "the hood," and are none too impressed with the atmosphere. To make matters worse, police officers show up to the scene and accuse the directors of not havin a permit to shoot in the neighborhood. Pleasure P comes over to apologize to the girls and ends up getting an invite to the house that night.

Back at the house, Andrea calls her dad and cries to him that she's having a breakdown and wants to go home, and I honestly feel bad for the girl. She's clearly had some traumatic past experiences. She goes into the confessional and says she feels she feels like a cornered animal. She laments to her father that everyone will like someone before turning on them and bullying them. Her dad suggests if she doesn't feel safe, she leave.

With tears in her eyes, Andrea packs her bags and leaves. She writes Gigi a letter, but decides that since she predicts Tiana won't get over it, she doesn't want to inevitably get into what she calls a "jumping situation." Bye Andrea!

The other girls return home and are surprised to find Andrea gone. Jaz picks up the note she wrote for Gigi and reads it out loud, and Benze feels hurt that Andrea left and cries in her talking head, having wished she would have talked to her.

Tiana feels kind of like the bad guy, but also thinks that if they had talked it out, they could have squashed it. The girls can't believe that the seventh girl has left the house and are not looking forward to yet another new girl being brought into the mix.

But until then, they have their party with Pleasure P and company, who bring tons of liquor, and there's tons of twerking and money being thrown at them. Tiana, however, is unimpressed that he didn't even want to take his shades or jacket off.

The next day, the producers warn the girls that a new girl (or two!) will arrive in, today.

But twist! There's a knock on the door, and it's the official sign that you've made it pretty far in the BGC...a trip abroad! The girls get a big box that says, "Twerk before you open" and follow suit. It's an invitation to go to Peurto Rico, and the girls are ecstatic. As am I, as usually these trips involve some of the best drama.

While they're in the limo on the way to the airport, one of the girls catches wind that maybe, just maybe, the new girls will come live in the house while they're gone. Now that would be fun!

NEXT WEEK: To my dismay, it looks like the new girl(s) won't be arriving while the girls are abroad, but they do come next week, and it's someone they quickly get into a fight with. As usual, I'll be watching so you don't have to, and I'll tell you all about it!

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