Commuters in a number of key cities in the United States will have an easier time getting to and from their destinations soon, as popular car-hailing app Uber announced a partnership with transportation technology company TransLoc Monday, according to Yahoo! News.

With the partnership, public transit would possibly see a boost in commuters as users would be able to set up trips that involve both public transportation and Uber rides. The venture involves Uber being integrated with the TransLoc Rider app, which gives users the ability to access valuable information about commuting, such as bus schedules and routes. For many users, however, TransLoc's Rider app loses much of its value as soon as the user is dropped off at a bus stop or train station, which are usually still far from residential areas, reported Slash Gear. This is where Uber wants to come in. Under the partnership, users would be able to book a ride through Uber, which would, in turn, provide commuters with a means to get to their homes and other locations after being dropped off at a designated area.

Though the integration of Uber in TransLoc's Rider app is still in the experimental stages for now, it does offer commuters a very convenient option for transportation. The feature is set to be launched mid-February in Memphis, Tenn., and Raleigh-Durham, N.C., according to Engadget.

If successful, it would probably not be long before the integrated transportation apps would be made available for other cities across the United States.