Fashion house Dolce & Gabbana has released a special collection of hijabs and abayas aimed at Muslim women. The latest from the luxury fashion brand was unveiled globally at Style Arabia as part of its spring 2016 collection. 

The designs feature headgear and ankle-length robes made of georgette and charmeuse fabrics, which are sheer and lightweight. While many of the clothes were in safe and conventional black and beige tones, some designs had lace embellishment and featured dainty flower prints, polka dots and lemon.

The collection is already on sale in the Middle East, but patrons of the fashion brand will eventually see the hijab and abaya pieces in the store's Milan, Paris and London branches as well, per CNN.

D&G joins other fashion houses that have released special collections aimed at Muslim women like Mango, Zara, DKNY and H&M, according to the Independent. But the move shouldn't be seen as an agenda from the fashion brand.

"It is not the first capsule collection Dolce and Gabbana has designed and dedicated to a specific market," said a D&G spokesperson via the Sunday Times. "In the past, they have created collections for the China market, as well as Brazil, Japan and Mexico. So it's a collection without any ideological or polemic attitude."

The luxury fashion market in the Middle East is a booming industry, and has in fact reached $8.7 billion in 2015, per Forbes.

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