Celebrating National Static Electricity Day today? Trying to figure out how to avoid it? Fear not, we have your back and your tips right here. National Static Electricity Day is held on Jan. 9. Let's look at a quick history, tips for the house and how NOT to get shocked in the car.

Static electricity is the imbalance between negative and positive charges in an object, according to PR Newswire, with the charges building up on the object until they are discharged (you touch them!). Ouchie. This usually happens when the humidity is really low and you touch what it referred to as a conductor, usually a door handle or your poor dog's now. Static electricity is useful, as it helps bond paint to our cars and makes air purifiers and photocopiers work. But on the flip side, it can be dangerous, too. Here are a few tips from Lauren Fix, the car coach for getting in and out of your car safely without the dangers of a static electric shock.


To eliminate static on your clothes, use fabric softener sheets or dryer balls in the dryer, according to Style Me Pretty. If you are already dressed and have static, rub a dryer sheet over your clothes to remove the static cling. You can also run it on your hair to keep those static flyaways in place.

Running a wire hanger over your clothes removes the static; so does hairspray, but be careful with the latter and test a small patch first to ensure it doesn't affect your fabric. Using lotion after your shower or bath will not only moisturize you, but also act as a barrier on your skin to prevent static. You can also rub a tiny dab of lotion on your hands, then onto you clingy clothing, says Lifehacker.

To reduce or eliminate static electricity in your home, invest in a humidifier, which will add moisture to your home. Also bring in plants to your home, and add a few small bowls of water. Humidity and moisture is the key, here.

For carpets, use a homemade static guard by mixing one full cap of downy fabric softener into a spray bottle of water, shake well and spray your carpets. You can use this in your car (seats) and on your clothing, as well. Just a light mist should do the trick.

Winter weather brings static, but with these simple solutions, you can banish it. No more shocks in 2016.