A rare pink hippopotamus was spotted and photographed in Kenya's Masai Mara National Reserve during the winter by a French couple, who shared the stunning photos on social media. Laurent and Dominique Renaud snapped photos of the pink hippo, who wildlife experts believe has leucism, a skin pigmentation condition.

Leucism carriers are missing normal pigments and are either white or pink; they are not albinos, according to Mysterious Universe. True albinism gives animals pink eyes, while leucism does not, Mother Nature Work noted. They do both, however, result in increased susceptibility to sunburn.

Brothers Matt and Will Burrard-Lucas were able to snap photos back in 2010 of a pink baby hippo that they spotted coming out of the Mara River. This could be the same one, all grown up now.

The pink hippo sticks out among the normal grey ones, which lends the truth to the statement among experts that animals suffering from leucism are at a disadvantage, according to the New York Post, as they are easy to spot, making them easy prey to predators.