A man who shot to infamy after shooting four teens on a New York City subway train in 1984 was arrested on Friday for trying to sell pot to an undercover officer, the New York Daily News reported.

Police arrested Bernie Goetz, 65, after he approached the cop in Union Square Park and "asked her if she wanted to get high."

After she said yes, Goetz went back to his apartment and grabbed $30 worth of weed. He then went back to the park and sold it to her, officers said.

He was charged with criminal sale of marijuana.

According to authorities, they were not specifically watching Goetz -- they just happened to cross paths.

Nearly three decades ago, Goetz was riding the 2 train when he claimed four black teenagers -- Darrell Cabey, Barry Allen, Troy Canty, and James Ramseur -- asked him for $5.

He fired a total of five shots, hitting all four of the boys and paralyzing Cabey on his left side.

Goetz called his move self-defense and claimed he was being cautious after being mugged on the subway three years prior to the incident. He also said the teens were trying to rob him and were not kindly asking for the money.

None of the teens had any weapons, but police said Ramseur had a screwdriver on him.

In a racially divisive and nationally watched trial, Goetz was acquitted of attempted murder charges, leading his supporters to nickname him the "subway vigilante."

However, he was convicted of criminal possession of a weapon in the third degree and given six months in prison.

Additionally, Cabey won a civil suit against him in 1996 and was awarded $43 million in damages -- leaving Goetz to file for bankruptcy.

Goetz also made headlines in 2011 after Ramseur committed suicide 27 years to the day he was shot on the subway.