Bash and Kenna? It might happen.

In a sneak peek provided exclusively to EOnline, Kenna and Bash are enjoying an adult beverage together when she asks Bash a hypothetical question about the King.

However, she isn’t fooling anyone and Bash tells her he knows she’s talking about her fling with his father.

“Hard to imagine a more uncomfortable conversation about one’s father,” he tells Kenna.

Judging from the conversation she’s been feeling a bit neglected by the King. Bash tells her the King is playing a game with her and he hints the King may like it if she were to try and beat him at his own game. You can watch the sneak peek here.

I’m not a fan “Henna” or “Kenry”—which every shipper name by which they’re identified. If something were to start up between her and Bash it would be interesting and could created drama in more than one area.

While Bash is busy giving Kenna relationship advice, his brother Francis has bigger problems in his engagement. According to the preview posted on, Mary is trying to keep her country safe from England and King Henry will not lend any French troops.

Therefore, she’s contemplating ending her alliance with France (also known as her engagement to Francis) and entertaining a pretty attractive offer from Tomas, the son of the Portuguese king. Despite whatever business feelings Francis may have for Mary, he’s seems to be jealous of this Tomas fellow. According to a sneak peek posted on the “Reign” Facebook page, may want his father to aid Mary so bad—that he challenges the King to a duel of sorts.

“Reign” airs Thursdays at 9/8c on The CW.

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