Let's just imagine the producers on "Scandal" did somehow work Kerry Washington's pregnancy into this season. It wouldn't be totally impossible since she is still fooling around with President Fitz and had a romantic evening with Jake.

It would make for a very interesting turn in the story line but could people really imagine Olivia Pope pregnant?

Sources told E! News that it is highly "unlikely" Washington's pregnancy would be a part of the show, however.

"It would slow Olivia and the show down," the source said adding that producers will most likely hide the actress' baby bump.

When E! asked Washington herself if the D.C. fixer could end up sporting a bump on the show she was delighted by the suggestion.

"I don't know," she said. "God, those are Shonda questions! I really never know where the show is going. That's the part I love about television, you just don't know what the beginning the middle and the end is going to be, so really anything can happen."

"Olivia can die, she can get married, she can pregnant - anything can really happen," she continued.

If Olivia were to get pregnant the two most likely baby daddys would be the President of the United States and Jake.  

Most people would expect President Fitz as the obvious choice to be the baby's father if it is worked into the show. Olivia and the President can't seem to keep their hands off each other. The scariest part about this scenario is the President's wife Mellie finding out. It's a safe bet that she would flip and not in a good way. We all know how dangerous and manipulative she can be.

Jake Ballard would probably be the second guy people assume to be the daddy. The two have had relations in the past and it seems like things are getting pretty hot-and-heavy between them again. It would be pretty easy for producers to work this scenario into the storyline and it is believable. Shocking...but believable.

Another guy on the show who could be a potential father to Olivia Pope's baby is Harrison. Olivia and Harrison are really close and he definitely takes looking after her very seriously. Since the two are constantly around each other producers can turn a late night meeting into something more. We have to admit though that this scenario seems a bit far-fetched and could ruin Pope & Associates.

Do you think Kerry Washington's pregnancy should be written into "Scandal"? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.