Halloween is approaching and many are heading to Wal Mart to stock up on sweets for their trick-or-treaters on Thursday night.

However, those sweet-faced trick-or-treaters can be brutal critics and tend to blacklist some houses for not giving out the right goods.

If you want your home to be the most popular house on the block Halloween night (which you do because that means turning off your porch light earlier), check out the list of top 5 most popular candies below. (Hint: they're all chocolate treats!)


According to USA TODAY statistics

1.  Reese's:  The peanut butter and chocolate combo is the most popular candy in the U.S., according to USA Today.  In 2012, Hersey made $509.85 million in sales on Reese's alone.

2.  M&M's:  The Mars company bite-sized chocolate treats are the second favorite.

3.  Snickers:  Another Mars candy tops the list.  The chocolate bar is filled with peanuts and caramel.

4.  Hersheys:  Hersheys' chocolates are a good alternative for those who don't want to hand out anything with peanut butter.  Nut allergies are one of the most common found in youth.

5.  Kit Kat:  Rounding out the top 5 is another Hershey chocolate treat. 

On the other hand, you may not enjoy trick-or-treaters ringing your doorbell at Halloween.  Want to keep them far away from your home?  Here are the top 5 worst candies to give out that will have kids running away from your house.  


1.  Candy Corn: It's not going to be consumed over a Starburst or Snickers.  They're just not as tastey.

2.  Pennies:  I don't know where the penny tradition started, but my guess would be when candy actually cost a penny.  You've heard those stories where you parents would say, "in my day if you had a quarter, you were rich."  Unless you're giving out dollar bills, don't give kids pennies.

3.  Apples:  It's not candy and it's not funny to a trick-or-treater who just got a full Kit Kat bar from Mrs. Jones next door. (UNLESS it's a candy apple, then maybe you'll get a pass.)

4.  Tootsie Rolls:  If you're going to give out chocolate, do it right. (See above list for examples)

5.  Granola Bars: LAME!