Winter's temperature and ambiance makes the atmosphere ripe for romance, but how can you enjoy a lovely time with your partner when you're broke after spending everything on your Christmas shopping? Below are some simple ideas to enjoy winter as a couple without spending much:

1) Bubble Bath. Have a luxurious and relaxing bubble bath together with scented candles to keep you warm. As cliché as this might seem, go ahead and have a bottle of champagne, too. It's the festive season - there should be alcohol!

2) Hibernate. Spend a weekend afternoon at home listening to your favorite music over a hot cup of cocoa and a good book. You can snuggle while you sip and read. Or make popcorn and watch a Christmas movie. (More snuggling encouraged!)

3) Sleepover. Spend a night in the living room with only the fireplace as your source of light and warmth. No fireplace? Decorate your living room with Christmas lights hanging from the ceiling or do the same in the bedroom.

4) Winter Drive. Hop in the car and drive around town at night to marvel at the lights and displays. To keep you both in the holiday mood, play Christmas songs inside the car, per Seventeen.

5) Winter Stroll. Wander about at Christmas bazaars or the flea market. Your guy might not be into shopping, but you can take this winter stroll as a chance to get to know each other's tastes, likes and dislikes while browsing. You can help him pick out items for his relatives too! It's another way of getting to know more about this family, especially if you're still on the first few dates.

6) Winter Activities. Bundle up and go ice skating! Dress warmly enough, but take this chance to occasionally hug and touch each other. Let the cold temperature outside exhilarate you, not overwhelm you, according to Marie Claire. If ice skating is common, twist it up and do ice bowling, according to Men's Fitness. Watch how it's done in the video below:

7) Charity Work. This might not be a totally romantic idea, but it will tell your partner you really have a heart of gold. Make it memorable and meaningful by doing volunteer work together at a local pet shelter or soup kitchen. These centers need all the help this holiday.

8) Picnic At The Beach. If you live near the beach, you can plan a romantic picnic for two. The timing should be perfect as there are fewer people there this time of the year. You can cuddle up, listen to the waves and watch birds fly over.

9) Sight Seeing. If you live in a city with plenty of skyscrapers, arrange to visit the tallest building and enjoy the sights together as you look at the scene below. It should have a different vibe during the holidays. Marvel at the "winter wonderland" where you live!