Time Warner is doubling internet speed to 100 megabits per second for its top-tier "Ultimate" service plan for subscribers in Los Angeles and will roll out to New York and Hawaii by the end of the year.

Time Warner, nation's second-largest cable TV provider, is going high against its telecom rivals AT&T and Verizon. The operator announced Monday that L.A. customers with Ultimate 50 Mbps service are getting a free upgrade to 100 Mbps. Moreover, the roll out will begin in New York and Hawaii by the end of this year. As Time Warner is rolling out the speed upgrades, customers will be able to enjoy two times faster internet speed by early next year, when the speed-doubling will be initiated in other U.S. markets.

Fast internet speeds are gladly welcomed in the U.S. markets. With competitors like AT&T and Verizon in certain areas, the need to offer the best high-speed internet service is a must to maintain the company's financial results.

"Consumers are adding more and more connected devices into their digital lifestyle. These new ultra-fast Internet speeds are designed to satisfy their growing demand to stream, download and connect simultaneously across multiple devices," Steve Cook, SVP and GM of Time Warner Cable residential Internet, said in a company's press release. "As a thank you to our Ultimate Internet customers, we're pleased to double their speed from 50 Meg to 100 Meg at no extra charge so that they can get everything they want online, even faster."

Time Warner offers the Ultimate service plan for $105/ month, excluding promotional pricing. But for a slightly lesser speed, Verizon's FiOS offers up to 75 Mbps for $95 per month without a contract. The higher speed package comes with a monthly cost of $135 for 150 Mbps. This shows how the competition in the market is fierce.

The latest announcement also comes with additional features including, 30 email accounts, 10GB email storage space, Free Home Wi-Fi, Free access to Time Warner Hotspots and free internet security and parental control software.

Time Warner has also dropped the price of its entry-level product service plan. The Lite package will also get double speed at a lower price. The roll out will begin November 4, which offers the Lite internet package speed up to 2 Mbps, up from 1 Mbps, for a price of $14.99/month, down from $19/month.