I mentioned before that Sunday’s episode of “The Good Wife” left us with some questions. As we get ready for the season to kick into high gear, here are some of those questions:

No. 1—What will happen to Diane?

Is Diane going to stay on at Lockhart Gardner? It looks like she isn’t going to keep her nomination for the Supreme Court so she may be left in No Man’s as of now. Does Will need Diane to make the firm the best one in the country? Where do you as the fan want Diane to end up?

No. 2—Will Peter make any more husband-like moves?

Peter made two decisions that may come back to haunt him later. Will he jump everytime someone messes with Alicia? Will he ever be able to be objective as governor? Does the fact he’s protecting his wife make it okay?

No. 3—Is Carey going to keep talking to Grace?

As I said before, Carey is already a questionable character. I know Grace is a beautiful girl and she’s getting an enourmous amount of attention because she’s the governor’s daughter but Carey’s flirting was a little weird. Do you think Carey should stay away from Grace?

No. 4—Who will come out on top?

From here on out its Florrick Agos vs. Lockhart Gardner? Who will come out on top? Will both firms be able to survive the battle? Who do you want to win?

“The Good Wife” airs on Sunday at 9/8c on CBS.

--Story updated at 12:11 a.m.

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