"Survivor: Second Chance" has been arguably one of the greatest seasons of "Survivor," and even host Jeff Probst has said so himself. With the end approaching, six contestants remaining and a jury full of people who were historically blindsided, you can only imagine what the finale will have in store.

Jeremy Collins, Kimmi Kappenberg, Tasha Fox, Keith Nale, Spencer Bledsoe and Kelley Wentworth remain while Kass McQuillen, Andrew Savage, Kelly Wiglesworth, Ciera Eastin, Stephen Fishbach, Joe Anglim and Abi-Maria Gomes are the current members of the jury. In the end, the jury decides who of the final three wins the game based on the way they played over the past 39 days, their final speeches and the way they answer the one question each jury member gets to ask them, which means the other three contestants that don't make it to final three also become members of the jury. This is why it is very important that you try to stay as much on everyone's good side as possible, because when it comes time to win the million dollars, the decision is in your former enemies' hands.  

When a "Survivor" jury member gets voted out, they head off to a camp called Ponderosa where they must remain until after Day 39. From here, they are transported to every Tribal Council so they can get a glimpse at what is still happening with the remaining contestants still in the game, but they cannot speak at all. While at Ponderosa, they enjoy movies, all the food they want, special excursions, bedding, showers and many other luxuries that "Survivor" contestants typically do not have access to, according to Survivor Wiki. This also gives them time to think about who they want to vote for at the finale and it gives them a chance to speak with the other members of the jury so they can decide the outcome of the season.

Since the current members of the jury have been eliminated, they have done several exit interviews with several different news outlets and spoke about what they will be looking for in the contestants when it comes time to pick who the Ultimate Survivor is. Here's what the seven members of the jury had to say about what they're looking for when it comes down to that final moment, who they think could take home the million dollars, and who they wanted to sit next to in the end if they were still in the game simply because it would have given them a better shot at winning.

Kassandra "Kass" McQuillen

Kass was the seventh castaway voted off of "Survivor" and the first member of the jury. She respects the fact that people in this game really are trying to change the way they're playing the game and correct the things they did wrong the first time since it is everyone's second time playing. When asked if she thinks improvement over a previous season is something she's going to be looking for when making her final vote as a jury member, she said, "definitely."

"I was taking my second chance very seriously," she told Xfinity. "I improved on a huge deficiency in my game. So, I'm looking for someone who showed up, not to exact revenge, but to make the correction needed to win the game. And I think there are a few people who are doing that. A lot of people are slipping into their old ways."

"The first member of the jury is heavily influential; they set the tone for Ponderosa. Trust me, I know," Kass told People. "Before the season, I knew that if I made it far enough, that I should make sure that the first person I put on the jury was not mad at me. I'm an attorney; I know jury management. You don't put the angry person on the jury, and you certainly don't put the angry lawyer on the jury!"

Andrew Savage

Savage was the eighth castaway voted off and the second member of the jury. He always believed in the end, the final four would be him, Joe, Jeremy and Tasha. He and Joe are now gone, but Tasha and Jeremy still have a shot at winning, so this means he could be voting for them as he obviously wanted to see them go all the way.

"From a strategic standpoint, that's not the wisest decision on my part because Jeremy, Joe and Tasha could easily beat me," he told Reality TV World. "What I wanted to do - If I had stayed in 'Survivor,' what I actually would've done is have the four or five stronger players in the final four and then let the best person win. And that's what I wanted to do. It's an epic season; It's an all-star season...So let's have the best of the best duking it out right until the very end and may the best person win!

Kelly Wiglesworth

Wiglesworth was the ninth person voted off and the third member of the jury. She's looking for who really played the game, and at the time of her elimination, she had no one person set in mind. "I did find it pretty cool and interesting to be part of the jury and still be a part of the game and have a say in what happens," she told Parade. "My attitude was, 'This is not going to be an easy vote for me. I want to see who played best. I'm not locked into any one decision."

As for who she saw herself going to the end with, she said definitely Joe and then either Keith or Kimmi. "I admired [Joe] as a player," she told Carter Matt. "If I'm going to lose, I'd rather sit next to a great person or a person I really want them to win, too."

Ciera Eastin

Ciera was the tenth person voted off and the fourth member of the jury. She's also looking for somebody who really played the game well and who has been loyal throughout the season. "I like somebody who can claim their game and who is very aware of their role and how they play, whatever that may be," she told Toronto Sun. "Obviously, 'Survivor' has an element of luck and lucky things happen, but at the same time, you should be able to say that you did something with purpose and it worked."

As for who she would have liked to sit next to at the end, she believes Abi (who was voted off last night) because she knows she would have won. "She was someone I thought I could beat," she told People Magazine. "And maybe Keith. His game is different."

Stephen Fishbach

Fishbach was the eleventh person voted off and the fifth member of the jury. He also agrees with Ciera that he is looking for somebody with a "strong 'Survivor' resume." Who he thinks the biggest threat left in the game is? Jeremy - and he especially points out that he's a jury threat because everybody likes Jeremy. "He's playing an amazing game," he told Hollywood Life. "Everyone knows he's a threat, he's a firefighters, and he has two kids. That's always going to be his problem, that people realize what a jury threat he is."

But he didn't want to go to the end with Jeremy, as much as he liked and respected him, because he knew that meant he would never win, which could mean there's a good possibility he'll be voting for Jeremy if he makes it to final three. "I wanted to go to the end with Kimmi and Keith. Or Kimmi and Abi," he told She Knows. 

Joe Anglim

Joe was the twelfth castaway voted off and the sixth member of the jury. Joe hasn't said much about what he's looking for in the winner as he was just voted off last week, but he did shockingly say that he thinks Kimmi is one of the biggest threats left.

"Wentworth's looking pretty good, but as crazy as it sounds, I think Kimmi is in a pretty good spot," he told Hollywood Life. "She's aligned with Jeremy, and she's just...being a mother and a parent, she can relate with Keith. And she's got this girls' thing going on and she's willing to make moves. Once she lost Stephen, he was her closest ally, so now she's kind of on her own. As crazy as this season has been, it can go anyway. It all comes down to who wins immunity, who wants to win."

Abi-Maria Gomes

Abi was just voted off last night and interviews have not yet been posted. Story developing...

Catch the season finale of "Survivor: Second Chance" on CBS Wednesday Dec. 16 at 8/7c.