Who would have thought that a bra can tweet? Well, Nestle Fitness creative advertising created a “Tweeting Bra” that would send tweets when unhooked. The move is part of a promotional campaign to increase breast cancer awareness.

According to a report from IBTimes, Nestle Fitness partnered with Greek advertising agency Ogilvy Athens to promote a product which will remind women to do constant check on the breast for possible breast cancer symptoms.

Breast self-exam is highly encouraged by all health organizations as an early detection approach. According to the National Breast Cancer organization, adult women should do breast self-exams for at least once a month as 40 percent of the breast cancer cases reported to feel a lump when they checked. While mammograms is a more accurate way to catch the disease, self-exams benefit women in terms of familiarity on their own breasts and any changes may alert them to see a doctor.

The tweeting bra is designed to remind women to do breast self-exams by having equipment placed inside the hooks of the bra. As soon as it gets unclasped, it will transmit a signal to the user’s mobile device and will send out a tweet.

"It's the first and only bra that tweets with a mission to remind you one thing you should never forget: your monthly breast self exam," said Nestle Fitness.

The tweeting bra is not for sale. It is strictly for promotional purposes only to increase breast cancer awareness and to encourage women to do self-exam.

It was first launched in Greece with a celebrity Maria Bakodimous who has been wearing it for two weeks. Her 149,000 Twitter followers know when she unhooks her bra as they can see the tweets in the social networking site with hashtag @tweetingBra.