Since 1992, perhaps no other filmmaker has been as consistently good as Quentin Tarantino. From his over-the-top throwback tone that shouldn't work but somehow does to his sexy and oozing dialogue that enamors audiences, Tarantino has been a major force in Hollywood. Unfortunately, the singularly unique director with an eye for bloody action and an ear for catchy conversation has long said he will only make 10 films in his career. While some may have brushed this off as unrealistic artist talk, Tarantino has remained steadfast in his claim which he reinforced while promoting "The Hateful Eight" on "Jimmy Kimmel Live." You can see the full interview below.

"The Hateful Eight," coincidentally, is Tarantino's eighth film which draws him ever closer to his self-imposed deadline. Kimmel picked up on this and asked the director if he plans to stick by this plan.

"If I only think that I only have two movies, well, that keeps it at the tip of the speak, if you know what I mean....That means those ones better be good and I better mean everything about them," Tarantino said.

The director spoke to the quality of his films as a reason for calling it quits once he hits his magic number. His belief is that filmmakers do not approach each of their projects with the same amount of passion and attention to detail as their careers go on. To help avoid that slippage, he has put a cap on the number of films he plans to make.

Recently, Tarantino commented on the possibility of "Kill Bill 3," claiming the idea was still alive. However, if he has just two more movies left in him, he'd be better served by moving on to yet another original project that audiences have not seen before. He has long batted around the idea of making a sci-fi film and, given the genre's popularity these days, fans would likely come out in droves to see him put his own unique spin on category.

Tarantino himself said during the interview that it could take him years to finish two more films, so fans need not panic just yet. But the prospect of a Hollywood landscape that doesn't include Tarantino is a frightening one nonetheless.

"The Hateful Eight" will hit theaters on Christmas.