Jessica Jones doesn't show much sympathy to many people in her life, but she has always protected her neighbor, Malcolm Ducasse, if not always in the most conventional way.

Eka Darville plays the drug-addicted Malcolm on the new Netflix series, "Jessica Jones." His character is new to the Marvel universe and inspired by "seed characters" featured in the comics, according to Comic Book Resources.

Malcolm lives down the hall from Jessica (Krysten Ritter), the hot-tempered, sardonic private eye who also possesses superhuman strength and jumping skills. Darville describes the relationship the two characters as "much more siblingly [sic]" and one that flip flops between victim and savior.

The 26-year-old Australian native has played a Power Ranger, road-tripped across America and fathered an adorable little boy. Learn more about the "Jessica Jones" star and the intense research he conducted for his character.

1. Darville's Character Prep Included Watching YouTube Videos of Drug Addicts in Detox

Malcolm suffers from a serious heroin addiction and to better understand the disease, Darville watched a number of YouTube videos of drug addicts who filmed their detox.

"It's a weird and dark little corner of the internet, and I spent a lot of time going there," he told Interview Magazine. "The most interesting part is the bargaining and the denial, and just the degree of self-talk and psychosis that goes into convincing those people around you that you're fine."

2. He Got His Revenge on Always Having to Play the Black Power Ranger at School

Darville and his friends grew up playing Power Rangers in the school yard, but he always had to portray the Black Power Ranger because he was the only black kid in the class (the original character from "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers" was played by Walter Jones).

Jump ahead to 2009 and Darville is cast as Red Eagle RPM Ranger in "Power Rangers R.P.M."

"When I booked the role of the Red Power Ranger, it was kind of my revenge on all of the little kids: 'Who's the Red Power Ranger now mother f---ers?'" he joked with Interview. "I don't think they're legally allowed to cast a black guy as the black one or the Asian girl as the yellow one anymore. It was so bad."

3. He Is a Proud Papa

Darville frequently features his adorable young son on his Instagram account and his beautiful baby mama. He credits the little guy for keeping him grounded in the crazy world of Hollywood.

Just look at that face!

4. Darville Comes from a Land Down Under

When he’s not filming TV shows in the United States, Darville makes his home in Byron Bay, New South Wales, Australia where he enjoys surfing and, of course, spending time with his family.

His mother is Canadian and half Jamaican. His biological father is reggae artist, Ray Darwin, but he grew up with a father figure who was also a musician and made African drums.

5. His “Empire” Character Helped Encourage Jamal to Come Out

Darville had a small recurring role on the first season of Fox’s “Empire,” but his character, Ryan Morgan, made a real impression on boyfriend, Jamal (Jussie Smollett). Inspired by Ryan living his life as openly gay black man, Jamal came out at his father’s White Party changing the lyrics to Lucious’ hit song, “You’re So Beautiful.”

Darville’s other U.S. screen credits include the Starz series, “Spartacus,” and “The Originals” on The CW.

The complete first season of "Marvel's Jessica Jones" is now streaming on Netflix.