Chameleons have the ability to change the color of their skin in order to adapt to their environment whenever the situation calls for it.

One photo shows one particular chameleon exhibiting this skill. What's unique about it is how the chameleon turned into an artwork of colors, all because it seemingly got confused what color to don, as it had a multicolored bathroom towel for a backdrop, Yahoo! News reported.

An Imgur user uploaded the photo showing how the color-changing reptile climbed on a multicolored towel and mimicked its color the best way it could, only to come up with even more astonishing results.

The picture was seen by many users on the social-networking site, and almost everyone was greatly impressed by the panther chameleon's display of colors, according to Mirror.

However, one particular user questioned if the picture was real.

"This isn't it? Because I had a chameleon and he only turned from brown to green. I want a refund," said Imgur user Bectothefuture, Mirror noted.

Chameleons change color not just to adapt and form a camouflage, but also as a social signal, a reaction to temperature, or simply as a means to reflect its mood, Metro noted.