Oliver the goldendoodle was always a twinkling star in his owner Breanna Wright's eye, but when she placed the adorable part golden retriever- part poodle on Instagram, he got 52,000 followers in no time.

Oliver and Breanna live in the Great Smoky Mountains in Bryson City, N.C., where Breanna loves to dress him up in silly costumes. A teddy bear picnic, the Muppets' Fozzie Bear, 80s alien Alf, Paddington Bear- you get the picture, according to Buzzfeed. His golden-colored fuzziness gives him a teddy bear look, and he plays a teddy bear with style and finesse. Oliver can dress up in a suit or dress down in pajamas; either look is beyond adorbs!

Breanna, 26, set up the Instagram account so that her friends could enjoy photos of Oliver without being bombarded with daily pics like proud doggy moms do.

"When we got Oliver as a puppy, I opened up a personal Instagram account as a place to share my photos of him without bombarding my Facebook friends," Breanna said, according to the Daily Mail. "Strangers kept following my account and I thought it was a little bit strange but also cool, because I knew it meant they were enjoying my pictures of Oliver."

Next up for the pair is training, as Breana wants to get Oliver certified as a pet therapy dog. His winning personality and the way people gravitate to him will make him a fabulous therapy pet.

"Well, life moves fast and we still haven't completed all of the training for him to become a therapy dog, but I always joke that he is already a social media therapy dog," Breanna said. "I have received numerous comments and emails from people who say that Oliver has helped them through hard times, and it's still so amazing and heartwarming to hear each and every time."