A feminist blogger has revealed that after suffering a vaginal yeast infection, she decided to use the bodily fluid as an unusual ingredient in her sourdough bread.

Zoe Stavri wrote on her "Another Angry Woman" blog the details of her strange baking experimentation. She shared the link of her blog on Twitter, which caused users to go into frenzy.

Stavri, who admits to having "slightly perverse sense of humor" and a "keenly scientific mind," had thrush on Saturday. Instead of using conventional treatment, she used a sex tool to remove the yeast from her vagina.

She then used it as a base ingredient for her sourdough, adding the self-made ingredient to flour and water and then observed how the fermentation process started, documenting it by taking pictures throughout the process, the Daily Mail U.K. reported.

Stavri's experimentation divided numerous users over on social media, with one user remarking that it's the "best use of vaginal secretions this year."

Others were not keen on the idea, with one user asking if using yeast from one's vagina has something to do with feminism and another complaining the self-proclaimed feminist ruined bread for him.

For anybody who wants to try the unusual experiment, Dr. Helen Webberley of the Oxford Online Pharmacy has a few words of warning. "While molds and funguses have been used in cooking for years, we should never consider eating anything that could contain human genetic material," she said, The Huffington Post U.K. reported. "The vagina hosts numerous bacteria and organisms, some of which can be infective. This is clearly a health hazard."