With a slew of records such as the most chart appearances, most top 10s and the most No.1s to her credit in just eight years, it's no wonder Robyn Rihanna Fenty, known internationally as Rihanna was named Billboard's Top Pop Artist of the last 20 years.

The "Diamonds" singer's outstanding chart record rocketed her above the pop icons of her time like P!nk (at No. 2), Britney Spears (No. 3), Kelly Clarkson (No. 3), Mariah Carey (No. 5) or Katy Perry (No. 6).

In addition to setting a record 34 chart appearances, 21 top 10s singles in her short career, Rihanna holds the record of having most No.1s (9) along with Katy Perry.

Rihanna who moved to the United States at the age of 16 began her career in 2005 with "Music of the Sun" and from there her journey was adorned with numerous awards including five American Music Awards, 18 Billboard Music Awards, two BRIT Awards and five Grammy Awards. Having sold nearly 47,571,000 singles as of 2012, the Barbados-born singer is the highest-selling digital artist in U.S. history. 

At a time when most artists make it to the headlines for their personal life controversies, Rihanna's manages to be at the limelight news surrounding both her personal and professional life.

US magazine ranked her the most successful artists in the history of its Pop Songs, Rihanna tweeted "Billboard crowned me #1 top 40 artist of the decade just 7 years into this!! My fans just majorly shat on ur existence."

Others in the top 20 list includes: 7. Usher; 8. Black Eyed Peas; 9. Janet Jackson; 10. Madonna; 11. Lady Gaga; 12. Christina Aguilera; 13.Justin Timberlake 14. Nickelback; 15. Matchbox 20; 16. Beyonce; 17; Backstreet Boys; 18. Jennifer Lopez; 19. Maroon 5; 20. Avril Lavigne.

Rihanna ousted Internet phenomenon "Gangnam Style" by South Korean pop star Psy from the top spot with her new single 'Diamonds' which reached at #1 in the UK and France pop charts this week.