Researchers have discovered a new and innovative idea that could potentially change the Internet, making it more private and secure, reported the Daily Mail.

As more and more of our daily lives become entangled in the use of technology and the web, we in turn become more and more vulnerable to cyber attacks and hacking. But now, it seems the next step in digital security is on the way in the form of quantum physics.

Using quantum technology, scientists have discovered how to make a nearly impenetrable way of sending and receiving information. The technique, called quantum entanglement, is for "transmitting and more accurately controlling bits of information over longer distances," according to the Daily Mail.

The process makes it nearly impossible for hackers because, even if they manage to intercept data, it is basically in a form that is useless to anyone besides the two or more entitled parties, according to the Stack.

"The physics behind quantum communication, by their very nature, make data transfer utterly secure — any tampering with either side of the communication will be immediately apparent because it will affect the quantum correlations," said Chandra Mouli Natarajan, an electrical engineer with the University of Glasgow. "Our work is an important step towards creating architectures for the future hybrid quantum Internet."

The University of Glasgow was able to improve upon previous experiments using quantum entanglement. Previously, an experiment was done in which data was sent 186 miles using special equipment. Glasgow researchers were able to duplicate the effects, but with more typical telecommunication equipment.

The research was published in the Nature Communications journal.