A new survey reveals that bosses prefer women who wear makeup during an interview than those who don’t. To add more, they are more likely to be promoted.

Authorized U.K retailer of various beauty products Escentual released its survey results that 68 percent of bosses wouldn’t hire a woman who chose to go for the “natural look” during a job interview. This is especially true if the position is related to sales or anything requiring them to face customers or the public which is 49 percent of those who participated in the survey.

The beauty firm also exposed that the likelihood of being promoted at work is also dependent on how much makeup women employees put on their face. About 60.8 percent of the company executives said that they notice when their employees wear makeup and when not, and that affects their careers.

A shocking 67 percent of bosses look at their female employees negatively when they show up in business meetings bare-faced.

 Emma Leslie, beauty editor at escentual.com, said: "Whether rightly or wrongly, British bosses clearly think that keeping up appearances at work is an important factor for female staff if they want to get on in their career."

It was also found that women already know the importance of wearing makeup at work because 64 percent of the female staffs surveyed that they always wear makeup while only two percent shows up in job interviews bare-faced.

Majority of the women admitted they feel less confident attending executive meetings without any color in their face.

"It's quite startling to learn that women feel that they need make-up in order to impress at work, and our survey showed there is a strong psychological element to wearing make-up that makes women feel more poised, confident and 'put together,” Leslie said.