Clash of Clans gamers already know that a massive update is coming their way this December. There are already confirmed details about the upgrade such as the Town Hall 11, which gets its own sneak peek later this month according to a previous HNGN report. New information, however, seem to clarify what Supercell meant when it stated in the report that the upgrade will entail "quality of life changes."

The game changer appears to involve an update that is more than an increase in character levels or the introduction of new buildings and heroes. This purportedly involves a tweak that will lure casual gamers.

"Most people I know who have tried playing Clash of Clans had to stop because their inability to spend crazy amounts of time playing meant that the game simply wasn't as much fun," Tazaros Lazarides noted in a Touch Arcade blog post."Supercell (is) trying to make the game friendlier to the very casual players."

So what exactly is the tweak? It will allegedly address casual gamers' complaint that the game requires too much time to play. Three confirmed features in the upcoming upgrade seem to support this: Session Timers, Personal Break and the introduction of a new Village Guard concept. There is still a dearth of information concerning these new features. However, based from Supercell's announcements, they are geared towards an adjustment that will ensure that both advanced and casual Clash of Clans players enjoy the game, according to Yibada.

The game-changer rumor could be confirmed by Nov. 23 when the upgrades become available for the widely anticipated sneak peek.