The U.S. Army is developing mind-reading technology, testing one of its new prototypes on a soldier and correctly reading his thought patterns, according to the Blaze.

"The Mind Lab," a military research facility, has been conducting tests and has successfully used a desktop computer to read the thoughts of a soldier.

The soldier was placed in front of the computer and was told to pick one of several categories: boats, strawberries, chandeliers, pandas or butterflies. Images were then flashed on the screen for about a second each. The soldier was told to count the number of times his category came up without telling anyone else.

The computer was able to determine which category he was following by analyzing his brain waves, according to Fox News.

"When the experiment was over, after about two minutes, the computer revealed that the Soldier had chosen to focus on the 'boat' category," according to the Army's press statement. "When a picture of a boat had been flashed on the screen, the Soldier's brain waves appeared different from when a picture of a strawberry, a butterfly, a chandelier or a panda appeared on the screen."

Researchers believe they can use this technology in the future to analyze brainwaves and gather intelligence more quickly, according to the Daily Mail.