Wearing a pair of sexy high heels can instantly make a woman attractive, but admittedly, heels are not the most comfortable shoes. Despite the pain and challenge, women just can't completely do away with high heels. However, there are plenty of ways to manage the towering shoes without writhing in pain, developing blisters or bleeding at the end of the day.

1) Choose a good style.

Opt for heels that are not enclosed, but are styled with straps and buckles. This way, there is less friction that could cause blisters, especially if you have to wear your heels for eight hours or more.

2) Break them in or stretch them.

Assuming you bought the proper size of shoes, wear them a few times inside your house before the actual event, so that they are slightly stretched. If you failed to buy the exact size, then use a shoe stretcher.

3) Buy the shoes at night.

Shopping for shoes at day's end will be helpful because your feet are already swollen by this time. "If shoes crush, pinch or smash your toes at the store, you can bet they'll do it at home," said Just Luxe fashion editor, Marissa N. Stempien, according to She Knows.

4) Do the lotion solution.

This is supposedly the single best trick for wearing high heels, according to Who What Wear. The lotion helps lubricate the skin to eliminate any sore spots.