Kim Kardashian is planning on releasing a book journeying her weight loss since giving birth to her daughter North West. A source revealed to OMG! Yahoo that the reality star wants to release a diary about dropping the baby weight that will also include intimate, never-before-seen photos of her journey.

The photos will reportedly begin right after giving birth to Nori and end at her current state.

"[Kim and Kanye] are always thinking about the brand and how to make it bigger and better, so Kim is loving the idea of a post-baby body visual diary showing her weight loss," the source said. "She knows there are plenty of pap photos of her out there, but only she had the really personal ones that no one can get close enough to take her."

The book has yet to be picked up by a publisher but the source said the "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" star is confident her fans will like it. Kardashian has staying out of the spotlight to minimize the amount of pictures being taken of her. She has also stopped posting pictures since having the baby on Twitter and Instagram because she is reportedly the images for her book.

"Kim has taken daily photos of herself as she slims down," the source said. "And they're on her phone and printed out in her private dressing room in order of weight loss."

It was reported by the Daily Mail, that Kardashian had went on a strict no-carb diet to help her drop the last 10 pounds of her baby weight. It's estimated that she has dropped at least 40 pounds since giving birth in June.

The last ten pounds were hard for her to get off so she decided to try the no-carb diet.

"In August Kim got frustrated because she hit a plateau even though she was eating mostly proteins and veggies," a source told US Weekly. "She's working out here and there, but it's mainly about the food, Atkins-style."