Associate a Kardashian or Hadid with something, and people are bound to go crazy over it, and that's exactly what happened with the new Balmain X H&M collection. When Olivier Rousteing's latest collection for H&M landed in stores Thursday, people were lining the streets and charging into the stores in typical Black Friday fashion. With Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid fronting the line, and it being one that the Kardashian's have flaunted on several occasions, people really jumped at the opportunity to get it at a more affordable price.

In just minutes, H&M retailers all over the world were completely emptied of the collection, E! News reported. The collection also went up online, and that sold out so fast that it even caused the website to crash almost instantly the second it was up at 8 a.m. People were acting like this was the latest iPhone release and camping outside H&M stores for days, and once the doors finally did open Thursday morning, it was a scary sight.

Several videos appeared online shortly after the madness, where you can see people rushing into the store and grabbing literally the first thing they see. At this point, size or style wasn't a concern, as fans of the brand, or fans of Jenner and Hadid, just wanted to get their hands on anything Balmain.

People were going insane all over the world, and it's crazy to think that it's barely even holiday shopping season yet! A fight broke out in front of a store in London, while in Sydney, thousands of people waited outside in the rain for hours, according to TIME. One thing is for sure, Rousteing, 29, knows fashion, and the second people heard that these looks would be not only stylish, but exclusive, they knew they'd have to go through drastic measures to be able to say they own a piece of Balmain. There was even a strict policy for how many items shoppers were allowed to buy.

As most would assume, several items quickly went up on eBay for much more than their selling price, which ranged anywhere from $40 to $600. There are several dresses, which are similar to ones Kendall, Kylie and Hadid have worn on red carpets, currently for sale for over $1,200. Watch some of the crazy videos from the release earlier today below!

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