Samsung has launched its new and unconventional battery technologies, called the Band and Stripe, during the InterBattery 2015 held in Seoul, South Korea. Both are still in prototype stages but they signal the future of wearables as envisioned by the tech giant.

The Band, which is the battery designed to be outfitted in smartwatch straps, boasts of a technology that has 50 percent more power than the current battery life in Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatches. The Band battery can also withstand at least 50,000 bends before getting damaged, according to Wareable.

The Stripe, on the other hand, is widely regarded as the more interesting of the battery technologies unveiled. The battery is extremely flexible and is capable of bending. What this means is that the technology is perfect for other wearable categories, such as jewelries and even clothing. It is 0.3 mm thin, but is made of materials that are as sturdy and flexible as a fiber.

The Stripe battery, which was independently developed by Samsung SDI, includes multiple element technologies that allow higher energy density. These ensure that both design flexibility and high performance are achieved, Samsung said in an official statement.

The new ultra thin and flexible batteries being developed by Samsung could also mean that future phones could have radically expanded battery life, with the potential of outfitting mobile devices with more high-density energy technologies that claim very little space. The new Samsung devices could potentially expand battery life up to 21 hours, reported Engadget.