A 12-year-old girl from Ethiopia has been saved from a life of rape and beatings by one of nature's most remarkable saviors. After being abducted from her home by seven men, one of whom was forcing her to marry him, she was saved by three huge lions who came to her rescue and chased her captors away, according to Viral Nova News.

The girl had been missing for a week after being taken by the men from her home. In the days leading up to her rescue, the girl was beaten and assaulted by her captors. Eventually, though, her captors assaulted her at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

As the girl was screaming for help, three huge lions came to her rescue, angrily charging at the men and chasing them out of the area. The lions then lured the young girl away and guarded her, reports News Foxes.

The lions then guarded her until authorities were able to retrieve the girl. A police investigator stated that once the lions saw the girl was with the police, they promptly went back into the forest.

Stuart Williams, a wildlife expert, said the lions' reaction might have been caused by the girl's cries, which the huge beasts probably mistook for the cries of a young lion cub.

Whatever the reason behind the lions' actions, they were able to save one girl from a hard life of abuse in a country where such instances are not at all rare.

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