The government may not be the only thing that will be shut down this upcoming weekend in Washington, a group of truck drivers have said they will participate in a three-day protest to shut down traffic on D.C.'s Interstate 495, commonly referred to as the Beltway, according to USA Today.

Earl Conlon, a trucker from Georgia, told U.S. News and World Report that he and thousands of truckers from all across the United States had planned to drive three lanes wide in order to bring traffic in the nation's capital to a halt. Conlon also intended on arresting congressman while in Washington, according to USA Today.

"We want these people arrested, and we're coming in with the grand jury to do it," Conlon told U.S. News and World Report. "We are going to ask the law enforcement to uphold their constitutional oath and make these arrests. If they refused to do it, by the power of the people of the United States and the people's grand jury, they don't want to do it, we will... We the people will find a way."

The group that organized the protest, Truckers Ride for the Constitution, says that Conlon does not speak for the group and that there was never any plan to arrest anyone, according to Fox News.

A spokesman for the group, Peter Santilli, spoke with Fox News in order to clarify the purpose of the event.

"One of our demands is NON-NEGOTABLE: President Obama must be removed from office for crimes against the United States and all unconstitutional executive orders nullified," Santilli said. "How that is accomplished legally is for the legal and constitutional experts to determine."

Conlon has since retracted his statement to U.S. News saying that he was just trying to ruffle feathers in the mainstream media. While there may or may not be a strike by truckers Conlon is now saying that doing so wouldn't be fair, according to the Washington Post.

"First of all, we know it would not be right to go to D.C. to lock down the city by the Belt loop," Conlon said. "That wouldn't be fair to the people there."