Coming off the successful release of both the iPhone 5S and the iPhone 5C, analysts in the tech industry are already mapping out some of the features that people can expect to come standard with the next installment in the flagship family of smartphones from Apple.

While precious little is known about next year's device, both to the press and internally, one of the most common expectations that users have is that the iPhone 6 will come with a larger display.

Smartphones like the Galaxy S4 and Galaxy Note from Samsung have popularized the "phablet" smartphone model. For a while, Apple and other smartphone makers were writing this off as a new temporary fad. However, it seems as though larger smartphones are here to stay and Apple will need to follow suit.

Many reports, particularly one from The Wall Street Journal, from Sept. indicated that the company was testing out displays going as high as six inches.  This prompted many to believe that the company was going to find a way to include these larger displays in the launch of the iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C. However, that obviously didn't happen. Still the reports were there and had to be rooted in some kind of reality. Since it's unlike Apple to really revamp the design of the iPhone on an "S" update launch, it makes more sense for the larger displays, currently rumored to be around 4.8-inches, to be included with the iPhone 6 launch next year.

After meeting with Apple suppliers, noted analyst Peter Misek has issued a note to investors On Monday in which he said that the iPhone 6 will likely offer a 4.8-inch display.

Although he didn't comment on exactly what made him think that a 4.8-inch screen would be the size he did note that around 50 percent of smartphones hipped last quarter had screens larger than 4-inches. This compares to just 20 percent from last year.

"We think the 85M iPhones eligible for an upgrade when the iPhone 6 launches (we think Apple is targeting Sep 2014) could be boosted by another 5-10M from people who skipped the 5S/5C cycle," Misek wrote.