Hollywood obviously respects the power of nostalgia, as evidenced by the abundance of revivals and reboots in recent years, but even industry insiders were surprised with the enormous financial success of "Jurassic World." The dino-powered sequel became the year's highest grossing film, the third-highest grossing film of all-time and sole owner of the biggest opening weekend in history. Not bad for a 22-year-old franchise.

But for co-star Bryce Dallas Howard, the most surprising aspect of "Jurassic World" was the audience's reaction to her high heel shoes. Indeed, her character's choice of footwear was turned into a running joke on the Internet. Even we have to admit that running away from a T-Rex in stilettos is a bit unbelievable. Thankfully, Claire Dearing will be sporting more feasible shoes in the sequel.

Howard spoke with Collider recently and confirmed that she will make a footwear make over this time around.

"The way that [Director] Colin [Trevorrow] told me that the sequel was happening, when it got greenlit, and that I was going to be in it, he texted me #NoHeels2018. And I was like, 'Yeah, boy!'"

Although Howard did argue that Claire was the type of career driven character who wouldn't be caught dead in flats around the workplace, she did admit to the difficulty of running in heels and is very excited for the more comfortable change in the upcoming sequel.

You can watch her full interview with Collider below.

Given "Jurassic World's" immense success, it was strange that Universal Studios didn't immediately announce a sequel. However, the call came in time and "Jurassic World 2" is schedule for a June 22, 2018 release. Trevorrow will be involved in a producer role but will not direct. Believe it or not, he has bigger fish to fry as he will helm "Star Wars: Episode IX."

Chris Pratt will return for the sequel as raptor trainer Owen. As of now, no plot details are known, but we're confident Universal will think of some new way to have dinosaurs chase humans.