Much like its syrup, IHOP has found itself in a sticky situation. The pancake giant has come under fire on Twitter for a potentially sexist tweet, which appears to body shame women.

In the post that has since been deleted, IHOP showed a picture of a stack of pancakes that was accompanied by the caption: "flat but has a GREAT personality."

IHOP removed the tweet after receiving a plethora of complaints from angry users, offering an apology in its stead, according to the Daily Meal.

This isn't the first time IHOP has made tweeted out crude humor, in fact they're well known for it. A 2014 AdWeek OP-Ed alluded to this fact saying, "Who knew IHOP was so hip? The pancake chain has found its voice on Twitter, and it sounds an awful lot like a teenage hip-hop fan."

For what it's worth, men aren't safe from IHOP Twitter quips either:

What may have begun as a harmless attempt to appeal to millennials may have now taken an offensive tone. In September, IHOP posted a tweet showing a picture of sausages, eggs and hashbrowns with the the caption: "The only sidepiece worth writing home about."

In light of this incident it remains to be seen whether the breakfast chain will continue along its current path or revamp it's social media strategy.