Oliver Tan, from the Philippines, often goes out with his Schnauzer, but malls and restaurants often don't allow pets. The dog owner then thought of an idea: what if there's a place where dogs can be pampered while the owners shop and dine?

With a million pesos ($23,000), Oliver opened Pooch Park, the very first day care for pets in the Philippines. Introducing the strange service was difficult at first, but soon, more and more people appreciated Pooch Park.

Apart from day care services and pet foods, Pooch Park also offers dog-training services, along with full grooming and pampering services such as milk bath, moisturizing hair treatment, and flea bath. 

The pet business started selling accessories, shampoos, apparel, crates, supplements and many more later on at reasonable prices. They believe that owning a pet should not be a financial burden to the owner. By providing reasonably priced products, they encourage owners to properly take care and even pamper their pets. 

The establishment also cares for pets while their owners are on vacation.  

Lastly, it is inevitable that pets pass away, so Pooch Park offers cremation services for pets. They believe that this is a respectable way to say goodbye to a loyal friend.

Tan says that pets have gone from being home guards to becoming a part of the family. Dog owners are willing to spend for their pets out of love.