A time capsule was found at the demolition site of an abandoned mental health institute, which contained footage of mental health experts from the 1950s detailing their hopes for the future of mental health, according to The Blaze.

The video has within it markers that indicate the footage was from 1958 and seemed to be in response to the "cornerstone ceremony of the Bahr Treatment Center" in Indiana.

"When the psychiatrists of the future open this time capsule, only they will be able to tell how well we've solved our treatment problems," said one man in the six minute film.

Also included in the time capsule bundle were four newspaper copies from the exact day the capsule was buried, newsreels of the building's dedication ceremony, a photo of the grounds and other items from the era, according to the IndyStar.

"This was the time psychiatry was changing a lot and they wanted this building to last," said Executive Director for the Indiana Medical History Museum Sarah Halter.

Derek Naber, a project manager for the city, said that it was definitely an interesting find, according to WFYI.

"You could tell from some of the audio their intention was to put a time capsule so that when the building was demolished they would find out why they were doing this, why they were building this building, why were they doing the things they were doing at Central State in terms of treatment for patients," said Naber.