The new season of "Glee" is just getting started but spoilers for future episodes are continuing to hit the Internet. Among the latest news, someone will be getting a tattoo and a new bully will be joining the cast.

According to E! News, Episode 5 of "Glee" will introduce two new characters - one in New York City and one back at McKinley High. In NYC, "Glee" producers are currently trying to fill the role of Louis, described as a "hip and cool tattoo artist."

Louis will be giving someone who lives in the city a new tattoo and our guess is that Rachel Berry (played by Lea Michele) could be getting inked. The episode will take place shortly after the cast finds out about Finn's death and she could get the tattoo as a way to remember the love of her life.

In real life Michele is a fan of tattoos and is said to have at least 13. It was also rumored that she did get a tattoo after Cory Monteith died.

Also joining the cast in Episode 5 is Robbie, a bully who "will be making life very difficult for one of the glee kids."

Chris Colfer, who plays Kurt, revealed that his character was going to have a nemesis in the new season played by Adam Lambert. He didn't reveal much about the character but according to Tumblr blog GleekOutBrasil, Lambert's character will be named Starchild and will be introduced in the fourth episode.

The site also claims that the fourth episode will be titled "A Katy or A Gaga" and fans will see Lambert sing "Marry the Night" by the mother monster. He will also join the rest of the cast to sing "Roar" by Perry.