Relax Manchester United fans, Louis Van Gaal has not been sacked. There is merely a report that former United legend David Beckham voiced his approval of Ryan Giggs becoming the next manager after Louis Van Gaal leaves, according to Bleacher Report.

"I have always said that 'Giggsy' has this streak running through him that you see in top managers. I saw it as a player," Beckham said. "He is so determined and when you have got someone like that at a club like this, someone who is from this part of the world and knows so much about this club - it's so embedded into him - it means so much to fans, so I hope that at some point Giggsy does take over." 

"It might not be for the next five or 10 years but at some point it would be amazing for the fans to have him. To have Giggsy sat on the line preparing himself to become a manager is exciting" Beckham added.

Giggs is a proven coach with United. He works as second in command behind Van Gaal, and has a complete understanding of the game both as a player and manager. Learning from Van Gaal and mixing in his own beliefs is just want United fans crave after LvG departs. 

This report comes off the heels of Van Gaal himself tipping off reporters that Giggs could succeed him after his contract with United expires after next season, according to the Mirror. Even though there is plenty of time left before Van Gaal hangs up his clipboard, the thought of knowing the next manager for United does put fans at rest.

It is rather uncommon in today's game that a manager will voice his choice of successor two years out, however, that is just how Van Gaal rolls. Depending on what happens with Beckham's Miami MLS club, maybe Giggs would bring him in as an assistant coach or just to train his players in world-class free kicks.

The possibilities are endless for Giggs and company, and there would be little objection for a move like this to happen.