Dean Cain went home during the first night of "Worst Cooks in America: Celebrity Edition," leaving mentors Anne Burrell and Rachael Ray to split the remaining six contestants into two teams. Burrell chose Jwoww, Chris Soules and Barry Williams for her red team while Ray chose Jaleel White, Kendra Wilkinson and Ellen Cleghorne for her blue team. While these stars, who are pretty scary in the kitchen, are showing some improvements, they still have a long ways to go. Week two was all about making your own takeout dish and basic kitchen skills, and the mentors knew they were in for a rude awakening when nobody even knew how to hold a knife.

Burrell's team's challenge was to make chicken veggie stir fry with udon noodles, and she knew she was doomed the second Williams asked what an udon noodle was. The three celebs on the red team watched as Burrell taught them how to cut the chicken and vegetables into even pieces, how to add the right amount of soy sauce and how to cook them all in the pan together. Once it was their turn in the kitchen, they impressed Burrell, but Williams still couldn't master the peeling and cutting of carrots, and this became a major problem, putting him in the bottom two. Jwoww's dish turned out to be the best of the group, even though it was a little greasier than Burrell would have liked, and Soules' snail-like cooking pace has the entire team worried if he'll be able to pick up the speed for next week. If he can't work faster, he's in serious trouble, but this one improvement could make him a huge threat as he seems to be getting the hang of things.

Ray's team's challenge didn't go as smoothly as Burrell's did. The three celebs on her team had to make a pepper steak stir fry with brown rice, and everything from an injury, to too many spices, to overcooked rice happened. Wilkinson came out with the best dish, despite the fact that she cut herself on her knife and pretty much burnt her rice, but Ray was thoroughly impressed with her outcome. While Cleghorne's tasted just as good as Wilkinson's, she couldn't grasp the whole cutting-into-even- pieces thing, and this hurt her. She still did better than White, though, who poured full spices into his dish without grinding them first. While this is a simple mistake that could have easily been avoided, he panicked and shrieked louder than anyone has ever shrieked, and his inability to stay calm landed him in the bottom.

With White and Williams in jeopardy, Burrell and Ray announced that there would be a special twist for this season's elimination. Instead of the judges deciding who should go home based on their experiences in the kitchen, this year, the choice is completely out of the judges' hands. Instead, the two contestants in jeopardy take on a specific challenge that Burrell and Ray will blind taste test. For the first elimination challenge, White and Williams had five minutes to replicate the knife cuts they learned for zucchini and carrots, and in the end, Williams was able to move past his fear of carrots to come out on top, forcing White to turn in his apron.

If White could have just stayed calm during his spice mishap, he probably would still be there, but it happens. Last week, he made the best dish of the batch, but it turns out that may have been the only thing he knew how to cook. "My dish was going perfect. Like, when I say my dish was perfect, it was just perfect," White said in his exit interview following elimination. "Maybe the cuts weren't all even, or something like that, but I knew taste-wise I was about to nail this, because I was also adjusting my recipe and, and kinda tasting as I was going. So when I threw the spices in there, unground up, it was just, it's a type of mistake that you just can't recover from. The pressure got to me."

As for who he thinks could win it all, the girls seem to be dominating. "I just feel like the best people left in the competition are all the girls," he said. "Like, they just are...Chris and Barry are fun guys, and they're cool, but I just think it's one of the girls who has the capability of taking it."

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