Science has stepped into the realm of decision making at the most basic level. Should you shower at night or in the morning? After conducting a variety of studies, scientists say that not only are there benefits to showering at different times of the day, shower timings can also influence each person's professional and personal goals, reports Hello Giggles.

Morning showers are a great idea for people who work in the creative domain. This is because many people need what psychologists call an "incubation period."

"If you were to come up with a problem that you wanted to solve creatively, and you were working and working on it and couldn't come up with a solution, then you could put it on the back burner of your mind and allow it to stew there while unconscious processes mull it over," explains Shelley Carson, a psychology lecturer at Harvard University, according to Greatist.

Morning showers are also great for people who find it difficult to wake up early, work out in the early morning, have oily skin or tend to cut themselves while shaving.

In fact, studies show that blasting oneself with cold water during the last few minutes of a morning shower can help increase levels of alertness throughout the day.

Evening showers are beneficial for people who find it difficult to sleep at night. "That rapid cooling after you get out of the shower or out of the bath tends to be a natural sleep inducer. So it's a nice way to fool your body into thinking it's time to go to bed,"  said Dr. Christopher Winter, a fellow at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine and medical director at the sleep center at Martha Jefferson Hospital, told Greatist.

They are also beneficial for people who suffer from dry skin and work out during evening hours.

So, plan your shower time to fit your personality and amp up the way you live.