The NFL might have another expansion team in the next few years, but not in the U.S., as there are serious talks of bringing a full-time NFL team to England, especially Tottenham, according to Albert Breer and the Mayor of London.

This is not the first time that the NFL has talked about bringing a team to England, according to USA Today. There has yet to be a marque match-up in England, largely because of popular teams not wanting to sacrifice a home game. If the NFL sent teams like the New England Patriots, Green Bay Packers or Seattle Seahawks to play games, the chance of fans following the sport even closer would skyrocket.

The thought of an NFL team anywhere besides the U.S. is puzzling and certainly unlikely. However, this is not as obscure as many people believe it to be. The NFL has played games in London at Wembley Stadium several times in recent history. American Football continues to grow in popularity in England and Europe as a whole.

England fans continue to showcase their love for American Football by supporting not just the big and popular teams, but really choosing a team for the players and management. Fans of European soccer are known for supporting one team, and the story is the same when it comes to supporting NFL teams. Whether an expansion team actually appears in London or not, the want for more American Football in England is growing and the NFL must find a way to satisfy the masses.