Traveling comes with a lot of stress, and if you're going on a lengthy flight, staying stuck inn your seat on the airplane may cause undue physical pain. Some do away with the discomfort by trying to get some sleep on the long journey, but an alliance of airline employees called the SkyTeam, is encouraging flyers to try something else - why not do yoga while in the air?

Last summer, Air France and Delta airlines have already started offering videos of yoga tutorials inflight and they continue to offer this for fall travelers, according to Travel Pulse. However, the concept of inflight yoga is hardly new and groundbreaking as Qatar Airways gave its passengers in the London-Hong Kong routes some yoga guides back in 2009, according to Fairfax New Zealand Limited.

"Yoga on a flight is ideal to help maintain health by keeping the body moving and aiding circulation to help prevent deep vein thrombosis, a blood clot that forms deep in the body, and swelling; to release tension and stress; and breathe more deeply to calm and balance your nervous system, especially good if you are a nervous flier," said yoga instructor Fiona Patterson, according to Mother Nature Network.

So, the next time you're on a long flight, don't be surprised to see some passengers doing these yoga poses below.