Google announces its plan to revamp YouTube comments by filtering and showing only comments that are relevant to the post. The changes are expected to happen this week.

When people watch Miley Cyrus’ twerking video, for example, some may have liked it and some may have not. Most of the time, it is inevitable that viewers will post their opinions in the comment box. Opinions of viewers range from the nicest to the rudest ones that make other viewers wish that YouTube will filter comments that are distracting.

YouTube’s comment can either be entertaining and funny or nonsense and disturbing at times. Finally, Google has decided to step up and make the comment section show only those that matters. The rumored revamp will make YouTube’s comments more relevant, engaging and attracting for the viewers.

The current layout of comments will show the most recent comments on the top, thus at times, letting you view parts of conversations in which you have to load many other comments to see what’s going on and to keep up with the discussion.

On the other hand, with the whole revamping thing, Google is aiming to make YouTube comments more useful to the viewers by arranging the comments based on the profile of the individual who posted. Expect to read comments people who are really engaged in a discussion, those who might be related to you, those who may have interacted with you, and those who have a good standing in the community.

Profiling the YouTube comments will be possible by integrating the users’ Google+. As an overview, if you happen to link a YouTube video on your Google+ account along with a description, your description will appear on the YouTube as a comment, and responses to your post will be displayed as comments, too. YouTube subscribers will also be allowed to share their comments with their group of friends, making it impossible for the creator of the YouTube video to see the comment you have posted.