The autopsy reports for kidnapping victim Hannah Anderson's mother and brother have been released, giving a more detailed look into James Lee DiMaggio's alleged crimes.

WARNING: The following article and links contains graphic details of the crime.

The autopsy report states 44-year-old mother Christina Anderson died from at least 12 blows to the head with a crow bar. Christina's ankles were bound with plastic, and there was duct on her mouth and neck.

Hannah's mother neck was cut through the duct tape, a wound likely inflicted after she died, according to the report. Her bra was also cut, but investigators did not elaborate as to why it was.

Christina's body was found in the garage after firefighters went in to extinguish flames.

Christina Anderson's autopsy summary:

I. Blunt force injury of head. 

A. Abrasions, contusions, and lacerations of face and scalp with minimum of 12

impact sites.

B. Comminuted skull fractures with subdural and subarachnoid hemorrhages,

and cerebral contusions. 

II. Blunt force injury of extremities. 

A. Skin abrasions, contusions, and lacerations.

B. Right radius and ulna fractures.

III. Incised wound of neck with incised thyroid cartilage, left common carotid artery, and internal jugular vein. 

IV. Full and partial thickness thermal burns of head, torso, and extremities,

 (approximately 7% of total body surface area).

V. No natural disease.

Christina Anderson's cause of death was ruled a homicide.

Ethan Anderson's, Hannah's brother, charred remains were found in DiMaggio's home. The 8-year-old boy's skull was fractured, but there was no soot found in his airways or longs, leaving the medical examiner to conclude he was likely dead before the fire started. The boy's cause of death could not be confirmed by the medical examiner.

Ethan Anderson's autopsy summary:

I. Charred remains found in burned two-story house.

A. Extensive charring of entire body with absence of calvarium, abdominal and thoracic walls, right arm, left lower arm, right lower leg, and portions of left lower leg.

B. Thermal related fractures.

C. Charring of internal organs.

D. Charring of bones.

E. No soot in airways; no carbon monoxide testing possible.

F. Toxicology noncontributory.

G. See Forensic Anthropology Consultation Report.

H. See related Medical Examiner's Case Number # 13-1786.

II. No apparent natural disease. 

James Lee DiMaggio is suspected to have murder Ethan and Christina Anderson, then kidnapping Hannah Anderson, 16, on Aug. 6. Authorities embarked on a week-long manhunt for DiMaggio, which ended in a rural area of Idaho. FBI officials shot and killed the alleged murderer, and Hannah was returned home safely on Aug. 10.